Made of heat treated alloy steel.


Usage: For lifting and hanging automobile engine block.

Application: For engines in FF minicars and passenger cars. Max. Load: < 2450N (250kgf).


  • Suitable for the impact absorption car bodies that have become increasingly common.
  • Stable setting, parallel to the ground is possible even for cars with angled or sloping fenders.
  • Suitable for cars with short fender ribs and cars in which other hangers cannot be set between.
  • The car body can be moved, lifted or lowered while the hanger supports the engine.
  • As the bridge can be set at an angle, belt exchange and other operations can be carried out from above by swinging the bridge aside.
  •  The winch is attached last. The winch handle can be easily switched between left and right of the winch, giving freedom of position.
  •  Even with the car body on a hoist, winch can be operated at a distance using the chain wheel.
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