Make controlled cuts in any shape in wall tiles
  • Save time and freely cut any shape or size in wall tiles with your Dremel Multi-Tool and the Wall Tile Cutting attachment.
  • Easily choose your cutting depth up to 20mm with the cutting guide.
  • The attachment simply screws on to the nose of your compatible Dremel Multi-Tool, saving you time while you work.
  • Never lose sight of your cut from the large widows allowing you to work with maximum visibility and safety.
  • Contents: 1x Cutting control attachment, 1x Dremel spiral cutting bit (562)
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What can you do with it?
Convert your Dremel Multi-Tool into a high-powered wall tile cutter with the Wall Tile Cutting Kit. From the palm of your hand, easily and quickly make precise cuts of any shape and size.
The cutting guides large windows prevents you from losing sight of your workpiece for utmost precision. It gives you sturdy control and provides an adjustable cutting depth of 20mm.
Use the included Spiral Cutting Bit (562) to smoothly cut tiles to shape to fit around fixtures, such as a basin in your next bathroom or kitchen renovation. Use the same accessory to also cut directly into walls with speed to make your everday house installs of outlets, switches, lighting fixtures and more, even easier.
How to use?
When using this attachment hold your Dremel Multi-Tool with both hands to guide the tool steadily and cut your desired shape.
When you start, lightly plunge your Multi-Tool with the Wall Tile Cutting Kit into your material at a 45° angle before changing to a 90° angle to make your cut. Guide your tool over your workpiece and let the cutting bit do the work for you without applying too much pressure.
Technical specifications
  • Working length: 19,0 mm
  • Length: 4.5 cm
  • Width: 7 cm
  • Depth: 6 cm


Suitable Dremel devices

  • Dremel 3000
  • Dremel 4000
  • Dremel 4250
  • Dremel 4300
  • Dremel 8220
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